• determine who is using which key
  • follow everything in real time from your desk
  • control secure access to keys and storage compartments
  • log exactly every movement in your electronic key cabinet
  • remote key- and user management made easy
  • RFID based locker and key identification
  • cabinet works both in online and offline modes
  • limit key access and usage time and set alarm if key is not returned on time
  • Why Key management is needed?

    Keys represent access rights to different facility areas, cars, etc. From security point of view it is very important that only the right people have access to the specific keys or access cards.

    Who did use the key at a particular time?

    This raises more questions around resposibility and accountability when something happens. An electronic key tracking system provides this information instantly.

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  • reduce liability by prohibiting keys from getting into unwanted hands
  • connect the cabinet to Internet and check log events on any distant location
  • analyze key usage data centrally
  • reduce costs by increasing operational efficiency
  • keep up-to-date records about users and keys
  • Reduce time spent on supervision by using online reports
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