Smart Key Cabinet to store 8 keys

Prevents unathorized access to important keys.
All key positions are locked
and equipped with RFID.

pick up keys

Cabinet description

This small key cabinet can be used to mount on the wall. It can store 8 keys, where all keys are equipped with RFID transponder. The cabinet knows exactly what happened to a key. All events can be retrieved also from the log.

The Touch screen ensures easy handling of the cabinet, you can type in your PIN code on the touch screen, you can pick up and return keys.

The case is made of steel with powder coat finish.
Thanks to the built-in backup battery and UPS system, the cabinet still works in case of power outage to 24 hours, or in less frequent usage up to 48 hours.

The embedded computer runs Windows and you can use the main functions, right on the cabinet, while the cabinet can be connected to network.

The key cabinet communicates via LAN to a computer or server that runs the Key Management Software (KMS). The Key Management Software is capable to do large management tasks, like generating reports, mass data modification, registration of new users and assigning key rights to users, etc.
Key SafeLock-8 cabinet works as a standalone key cabinet, it has its own database. It is configurable from both through the touch display and also through Management Software running on external PC.

If you do not need the touch screen, there is a version with small LCD only. The LCD can show the keys what the user is permitted to pick up upon registration. The user may identify himself or herself using the built-in hard pinpad and/or the RFID proximity card.


The key cabinet without the embedded computer and touch screen works only if it is online and connected to the local network and communicates to the Key Manager Computer.

All management functions, registrations, permits can be configured on a laptop or computer. Users can only pick up and return keys, let the RFID card read at the cabinet.



Keys: 8

rfid key

RFID based

padlock-keycabinet-pincard PIN, Card
motor driven lock Motor driven key locks
key cabinet with backup-battery Backup battery 24h
emergency-open Emergency open
embedded-windows81-keycabinet Embedded Windows



WiFi wireless


Fingerprint ID

outdoor IP65-protected-keycabinet Outdoor: ask